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Oh, hi there!

I’m Emma.

I’m a Sydney-based word nerd, cheese enthusiast and a girl of many laughs.


Wanna know more? Then keep scrolling!

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I’m also a writer, content marketer, blog coach and founder of the women’s lifestyle blog, A Girl In Progress and productivity podcast, A Day In Progress.

Most days, you’ll find me tapping away on my little pink laptop with an almond milk latte by my side, creating fresh, witty and informative content for my clients and blog readers.

With almost a decade of experience, my career spans digital publishing, brand copywriting and content marketing. My words have appeared in publications including Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Delicious, WHO, New Idea, CLEO TV Week, Take 5, Sporteluxe, AWOL and I’ve created copy for brands like Canva, Deliveroo, Vani-T, Rockwear, eChoice, the Viceroy Bali, Happy Way and many more.

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My story begins as a little girl with her nose in a book and a pen in her hand…


From the age of about five, I would write crazy little stories about ghosts and fairies and force my poor parents to read them. When I started school, it quickly became clear that I was rubbish at anything that required the left side of my brain or physical prowess or coordination, but excelled at English and writing. At the same time, I had always been obsessed with reading magazines, starting with Barbie Magazine at the age of 10. I would eagerly count down the days until the newest additions of my favourite mags came out, with the enthusiasm normally reserved for Christmas and my birthday. My mum would get irritated when I would devour the entire magazine from front to cover (while simultaneously bingeing on grapes we hadn’t yet paid for) at the grocery stores, but still insist on buying it for my collection.  

As a teen, I would imagine an older, more polished version of myself, sashaying into the lobby of ACP Magazines (now Bauer Media) with a takeaway coffee in hand. And after finishing my Journalism degree and interning at a magazine for a year, that did happen (although, in reality, it was less ‘sashaying’ and more ‘trying not to spill my coffee on myself or anyone else) I started in the photo department at TV Week, before moving into various writing roles at weekly magazine.

I was living my dream and loved the fast-paced publishing environment, but the industry was changing — and fast.

I decided to pivot into digital publishing, working for one of Australia’s biggest lifestyle blogs. During this time, I witnessed first-hand what it took to run a successful digital publication.

Inspired by this entrepreneurial drive, I started my own side hustle, the health and lifestyle copywriting business Content in the City.

Throughout this time, I was also attending events with a lot of influencers and bloggers, bloggers who present a polished, perfect image of themselves. As someone who worships at the altar of carbs, almost always has a bird nest-sized knot in her hair and falls over/drops food/says something awkward at least once a day, I couldn’t relate.

I wanted to provide an antidote to this image of polished perfection. So, I decided to start my own blog — one that celebrates being raw, real and perfectly imperfect.

So, I created A Girl In Progress, a lifestyle blog for women who are working on themselves, FOR themselves. I wanted to inspire, entertain and empower women and show them that you themselves exactly as you are.

Since launching A Girl In Progress in February 2018, I’ve grown my audience to over 80,000 readers per month, a mailing list of 3000, a Facebook group of over 1700 amazing women and a social media following of over 13,000.

I get to spend my days creating content I love, with complete flexibility over when and where I work — whether that’s by the pool or in my favourite coffee shop.


 Now, my passion is helping blogs, businesses and publications do the same — by boosting their online visibility and attracting their dream customers through my writing, coaching and strategy services.

When I’m not writing, you’ll usually find me eating pizza, watching crime docos, or lifting weights.

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My Work By Numbers


Stats | Blogging in Progress
Stats | Blogging in Progress
Stats | Blogging in Progress

THE podcast

A Day In Progress is a productivity podcast for women working on themselves, FOR themselves

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THE blog

A Girl In Progress is a lifestyle blog for women who are working on themselves, for themselves. 

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