10 Inspiring Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Following

Whether it's Netflix for watching whatever our heart desires, Sephora for all our beauty needs or Kmart for everything ever, we love it when we can get everything we need in one spot. What can we say, we're millennials — we love convenience! It's for this very same reason that we loooooove lifestyle blogs.

Of course, there's a time and place for blogs that specialise in wellness, fitness and travel, or even niche topics like flooring (yes, I know of a blogger who gets insane traffic writing about this) But there's something to be said for a one-stop-shop where you can get all the inspiring and empowering lifestyle content you need under roof.

That's why we've rounded up 10 of the best lifestyle blogs of 2019. Whether they have 100 followers or 100,000 followers, these female bloggers are all doing amazing things — which is exactly why we think you should bookmark them, if you haven't already!

The 10 Best Women's Lifestyle Blogs

The Everygirl


One of the most successful lifestyle blogs, The Everygirl has been serving up inspiring content for the career-driven woman for the last five years. Here, you'll find practical and refreshing advice on everything from career and money to wellness and relationships and home and fashion.

Check out The Everygirl here

Blogger On Pole


If you're into pole dancing, fitness, food or travel, you can't go past Blogger On Pole. Here, Italian-born Londoner Carolina Are shares her musings on the aforementioned topics (and more!) in her trademark sassy, no bullsh*t style — and we are so here for it.

Check out Blogger On Pole here

Easily Inspired


The name says it all...you'll be easily inspired as you scroll through this gorgeous blog. Whether it's the podcasts she's loving, the Instagrams she's creepin' or the thrillers she's reading, multi-passionate gal Mary shares the latest things she's crushing on — and gets us excited about them, too!

Check out Easily Inspired here

A Girl In Progress


Yep, we may be a little biased — but we think you should definitely be reading A Girl In Progress regularly if you're not already! We're all about serving up empowering, non-preachy advice on how you can become the best version of yourself — whether that's within the realm of fitness, mental health, career, money or even just your wardrobe or beauty regime!

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Daily Dose of Luxury


If you could use a little more luxury in your life (and let's be honest — who couldn't?) LA-based lifestyle blogger Jazmyn is ya gurl. While her Instagram and blog are absolutely beautiful, it goes a little deeper than just photos of pretty things — Jaz is all about inspiring women to shift their mindset so they can live their best lives.

Check out Daily Dose of Luxury here

I AM & Co


For the best self-care content, I AM & Co is our ultimate go-to. It's packed with awesome tips on how you can be kinder to yourself, as well as insightful reads on topics like mental health, body confidence and female empowerment.

Check out I Am & Co

The Lifestyle Insider


Whether it's creative ideas for styling your coffee table, tips for planning your wedding or advice on removing negative vibes from your life, you'll find it all here on this awesome lifestyle blog.

Check out The Lifestyle Insider

She Said


You won't find any picture perfect bloggers/influencers telling you how to live your life (aka. trying to sell you stuff) on SheSaid. The Aussie lifestyle blog is all about real women sharing their real stories on everything from pregnancy, sexuality, relationships and careers.

Check out She Said



Whether it's her podcast, book or Netflix series, chances are you're aware of Sophia Amoruso and her Girlboss empire. But did you know that that there's also an online publication? It's full of advice-we-didn't-know-we-needed but-definitely-do on original topics like "13 Women On The Real Emotional Toll Of Code-Switching At Work" and "4 Summer Movies Worth Watching 5 Or 10 More Times."

Check out Girlboss here

La Vida Glamour


This kickass bi-lingual (Spanish and English) lifestyle destination started as a fashion blog but has expanded into so much more. Besties Vanessa and Julissa somehow manage to be glamorous yet relatable at the same time as they dish on trends, life advice, business tips and more!

Check out La Vida Glamour

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